Monday, July 10, 2017

What's all this

What's all this
even for
what's all this
meant for
what's all this
in a little bit
what's all this
should I just quit
and give up what's started
or jump like a frog
to escape it all
and just be what could be

Sunday, July 9, 2017

I hold back

I hold back
I give back
I push forward
it all comes back
the spur of excitement
the thrill of a rush
talking subsides
walking bustling through
then a show
a show just for you
ba da ba doo la ee oh
da dop a dee doo da
zee oh zap a dee wo
I close my eyes
and see you
I hold my breath
and it's just not enough
I hold back
I give back
but it's never enough

Saturday, February 18, 2017

All along

The snap crackle pop twist
of drum sticks and brushes
the hush hush howl
of the saxophone's sub-tone
the click clack
of the keys zooming across scales
and the boom bang
of the piano's crashing, vibrant stride

a tuning note hums across the stage
and the time is set in stone
with a coy smile the bandleader
steps in front and holds out a trumpet

soon the music is off and running
a wind whirls across the stage
as cool as winter lakes
while the breeze gusts and spins
a haunting melody
a chilling harmony
a beautiful rhythm

so haunting, familiarly unfamiliar
it is as if the sound wasn't improvised
but really there all along

Monday, January 2, 2017

The sound of nothing

phasing in and out
snap crackle snap clap!
honk screech clap!
the sun melts the snow

in and out
faint murmurs of hazy vowels
a broad register of cackles
children playing outside
snow angels etched in a coat of dust

the bend of branches
the pool of plowed snow
the fragile melting
drip drop drip drop!
snap pop drip drop drip!

birds cooing and chirping
squirrels shuffling up trees
as leaves rustle and bustle
acorns dropping plip plop!
in the woods creatures scurry
dash dish dash dish whoosh whish!

the sound of nothing
as in a perfectly humming movie
hardly to notice.