Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What is improvisation?

What is improvisation?

What really is

Sure it's the art -
art of making it all up
art of being on the spot
art of creating in the moment

It's an art -
a sort of painting still wet
a dance choreographed with a trip
something unexpected

It's an art, right?
Or is it?
a sort of poem made in dialogue
a sort of cake with no recipe
something unplanned

But if it's an art -
because we call it an art -
doesn't that mean everything
we do is art?

We walk with a saunter
we talk with a rasp
we laugh with a cackle
we gaze with a sparkle -

and we don't plan that
we don't really plan anything

we can try and try and try and try
to micromanage to schedule,
but in the end

What really is improvisation? -
Is there any opposite?

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