Friday, May 15, 2015

A jazz concert

A jazz concert

People ask me what it's like
to go to a jazz concert
so I got to thinking 
how do I explain this?
a night of elation
excitement nervousness anticipation
building building building
entering the venue 
taking a seat front row
dim lights crowded tables
chitter chatter
waiting waiting waiting
the group comes out
suits on sneakers on hats pressed shirts
spotlight on them applause
a torrent of sound erupts 
lightning across the sky!
a familiar tune a new way
past present future
the group melds as one
solos pass along each performer
a narrative a storyline a conversation
fresh free fun fantastic
the sound seems to come from a higher source
hearing notes lines phrases stories
philosophizing through sound
everything is happening right now
clapping along each solo amazement 
you turn to look at the people in the club
the guy rocking back and forth
the woman closing her eyes in thought
the guy calmly drinking grooving along
the exuberant smiles popping 
feet tapping legs moving bodies swaying
feeding energy to the artists
and the music! 
zig zags circles lines spirals
red blue green yellow purple
clashing here dissolving there
purpose intention focus
and all the while I am happier here - there
at that jazz concert 
than anywhere else in the world
there is nothing so joyous as live jazz
for it reminds me that I am alive.

My sketch of Dave Douglas and Joe Lovano (L to R)

Inspired by Joe Lovano and Dave Douglas Sound Prints playing, "Destination Unknown" at Scullers Jazz Club on May 14th. 

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