Thursday, November 5, 2015



I passed three hundred people today
just walking through town
maybe even one thousand
in my eyes, a singular viewpoint

the mother with a child tugging
for attention - Mom! Mom! Mom!

the teenage couple
laughing and starry-eyed - Isn't
that so funny? Right? Oh my!

the middle-aged
man tense and anxious - Oh no,
I have ten more years until retirement!

the young girl
oblivious and impatient - Why do I
have to go to this class? I just want to sleep!

the homeless man, tired and
forlorn - Change? Spare change?

all echoing each footstep, hurried,
marked with caution, nervousness

Who are these people?
Oh no, I better not run into that man.
Let me just walk on this side of the street.
Oh, what's next on my schedule?

and so it goes
passing by
as I pass myself
each day
just hoping to get by
without confrontation.

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